Non-Invasive Liver Diagnostic System

  • The ultrasound imaging system ensures accurate consistent measurements as the position of the liver can easily be identified on screen before measurements are taken.
  • One broadband probe can be used for all morphologies, including pediatrics, adults, and overweight patients without changing the probe.
  • The intuitive user interface reduces training time and easy operation allowing the operator to focus on the patient rather than the equipment.
  • Quick measurement time, time-saving for both operator and patient, more examinations can be done for the outpatient department (OPD) patients.
  • Ergonomic design using a convenient foot switch to ensure probe placement is not affected during scanning.
  • Measurements: liver stiffness (kPa) and ultrasound attenuation parameter (UAP).
Applied Technology Transient Elastography (TE), 2D imaging technology
Examination Method Probe touch detection
Data Processing Optimized scientific algorithms
Convex Probe Scanning depth>200mm, real-time transmitting and receiving the ultrasonic wave

Liver Stiffness Measurement (LSM)

Ultrasound Attenuation Parameter (UAP)

Liver tissue morphology by 2D ultrasound

Power AC power , 230V , 50Hz-60Hz
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