Broadband Probe

One broadband probe for multiple uses.

One single probe is applicable to patients of different body sizes (adults,

   overweight/obese patients, children).

No need to change probe for patients of different body sizes, easy to operate.

Cost-effective in terms of procurement and maintenance.

Ultrasound Guidance (LT F5 only)

• The Hepatic region of different people can be located easily using 2D images.

   Detecting the optimal location visually and intuitively to be scanned. 

Accuracy and reliability of results can be ensured by avoiding non-liver tissues

   prior to elasticity detection.

The ultrasound images help the operator accurately locate liver tissue, avoiding

   large blood vessels, cysts, and nodules. Selecting the appropriate liver tissue will

   improve the accuracy and reliability of the results.


Optimized Algorithm

An advanced signal acquisition and processing mechanism is adopted in the

  algorithm. There’s no need to compensate for probe movement and the

  computational efficiency is improved.

Multichannel acquisition of elasticity and anatomical structure data, integrative

  computation of multisource data with improved computational efficiency and


Quick measurement time, time-saving for both operator and patient, more

  examinations can be done for the outpatient department (OPD) patients.

Foot Switch

Ergonomic Design

Unique foot switch design reduces the risk of losing the located firing position.

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